“Gogavan” BCP is located in Lori province (marz) of the Republic of Armenia at a distance of 170 km from Yerevan, next to Dzoramut community, Tashir region. The port of entry in Georgia is „Guguti” border crossing point. The BCP is located at the elevation of 1750 meter above the sea level. The climate is temperate, with long and cold winters and cool summers.
“Bavra” BCP is located in Shirak marz, Ashotsk region, on highway M1, Yerevan - Tbilisi at the distance of around 150 km from Yerevan. The port of entry in Georgia is “Ninotsminda” border crossing point. This BCP is located at the elevation of 2150 meter above the sea level. The relief is mountainous; the climate is cold with long severe winters, extensive snow cover, strong winds, frequent fogs and snowstorms.
“Bagratashen” BCP is located on highway M6 Yerevan - Tbilisi at a distance of around 200 km from Yerevan, 1km from Bagratashen community. The border crossing point is located in Tavush province (marz) of the Republic of Armenia. The BCP is situated on the bank of the river Debed, which is the border line between Georgia and Armenia. The port of entry in Georgia is „Sadakhlo” border crossing point. This is the main transport corridor which due to the political, economic and geographical factors connects Armenia with the Republic of Turkey and the Russian Federation. This corridor is also the main route for sea cargo to the destination of Armenia and vice versa.

Under the Armenia-EU European Neighborhood Policy Action Plan, Republic of Armenia undertook to increase its share of responsibility for international cooperation in the field of border management in the South Caucasus and bring the level of interagency cooperation between border management agencies represented at the state border crossing points in compliance with European standards.   On 12th February 2010, an Inter-Agency Working Group was established under the chairmanship of the Secretary of the National Security Council of the Republic of Armenia (NSC, RA), involving senior-level representatives of all relevant state border management agencies:  the Border Troops of the National Security Service (NSS), State Revenue Committee (Customs), the Visa and Passport Department of the Police of Armenia, the State Food Safety Service of the Ministry of Agriculture and the State Hygiene and Anti-Epidemiological Inspectorate of the Ministry of Health.  The NSC plays a key role in coordinating and monitoring the work of all border agencies.

Armenia’s commitment to the EU standards and best practices implies establishment of a modern integrated border management systems to ensure Armenia’s strengthened border security and to facilitate the movement of people and goods across the borders.